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Title: Howling at the Moon
Link: HatM
Author: Marozi aka darkling59 (ffnet)
Fandom: Bleach
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Bleach (and all associated characters, settings, concepts, etc) does not belong to me.
Summary: Coyote Starrk: Primera Espada, Aspect of Loneliness/solitude, and vastly under-appreciated character. This is a short story collection devoted to the lone wolf himself, with cameos from lots of other characters. Not currently accepting prompts.
Notes/Explanation: This is the index of all prompts filled in my story 'Howling at the Moon', which is archived at I originally had this in the first chapter, but it was scaring away readers so I removed it.
Contest: Ten of the prompts (winter - mist) were taken from an obscure song. If you're the first (or only) person to guess the name of the song and the artist, you get a prize!


Complete and Posted:

Summons - Supernatural - 1.1K - Djinn Starrk is unwillingly brought to the human dimensional plane...then is promptly (and accidentally) cut free from his summoner by supernatural law enforcer Ichigo.
Winter- Humor- 0.3K - Starrk takes a nap in an unfortunate place
Howls – Suspense- 0.4K - a young shinigami captain has a nerve-wracking encounter
Stands – General – 0.6K - Our favorite hollow has a close encounter with those sekki stone pits from the SS arc. Lilynette is not amused. Starrk does not particularly care.
Sky – Tragedy  - 0.45K - Starrk’s final thoughts, from the streets of the fake Karakura town
Alone – Drama- 1.7K - Jushiro searches for survivors in fake Karakura, only to find something unexpected.
With – General – 0.5K - Central 46 will never see an arrancar, even one collared and contained, as anything other than a vicious, barely trained animal. Shunsui knows better.
Searching – Sci-fi – 1.1K - AU alert! Starrk wakes up alone and amnesiac, consumed by the hollow, empty feeling that something is missing.
Midnight – General – 0.45K - The sky seems so alive in the human world.
Close – Action – 1.9K - Aizen overlooks a small detail, which turns out to have major consequences. For want of a nail…
Mist – Fantasy – 1.7K -  AU alert! Orihime gets lost on the English moors, and encounters a creature of myth.
Dogs vs. Cats – Humor - 0.75K – Starrk really wishes the cat-woman hadn’t figured out his canine nature.
Reviewer Prompt #1 – 1.2K - by distraught.hallelujah – Humor - Starrk gets cornered by a ‘cougar’
Time – Humor – 0.5K - The Hogyoku sends Starrk and his visored opponents to a different time and place…namely, Seireitei fifteen years after the hollowfication incident ( from the 'Turn Back the Pendulum' arc)
Deception - General - 1.8K - There's a new substitute teacher at Ichigo's school, one that enjoys long naps and philosophical exercises. In other news, Starrk is the worst spy ever.
Awakening - Humor - 0.5K - Starrk wakes up with a killer hangover and no idea what happened or where he is. At least he's not alone...but what's with the pink kimono?
Dæmon (HDM fusion) – Drama – 1.9K - Hollows do not have dæmons. Starrk is not your average hollow
A Guardian’s Dilemma – General - 0.5K - When they’re present, their noise keeps you awake; when they’re gone, you lay awake worrying
Trespass - General - Alternate Canon - 2K - Ichigo is just a 'normal' human with a few...quirks...who is trying to avoid being noticed by the shinigami. At least, he was until Grimmjow kidnapped him, dragged him off to Hueco Mundo, and then left him in Starrk's territory. Now alpha!Starrk needs to determine if the strange newcomer is a threat to be destroyed, or a possible new pack member.
Reviewer Prompt #2 - 1.6K - by warrior's chick - General - Alternate Canon - fem!Jushiro gets taken prisoner by Aizen and is entrusted into Starrk's care.
Whistle - Humor - 1.3K - There are many reasons the espada do not like Gin. Starrk's reason involves a dog whistle, puppy jokes, and a distinct lack of sleep.
Snow - Fluff - 2K - Starrk and Lilynette become shinigami after being cleansed during the Karakura battle, and spend a fun snow day with some new friends and old enemies.
Choice - General - Alternate Canon - 1.4K - After Aizen won the war and gained dominion over Soul Society and Hueco Mundo, he enslaved the remaining captains and gave them as gifts to his espada. It is Starrk's responsibility to choose who gets which shinigami.
Conversation- Crack - Dialogue!fic - 0.7K - In which Ichigo and Starrk discuss the paradoxical existence of a giant palace (plus amenities) in the middle of a featureless desert. Also, it is wrong to steal pillows from the Living World. Apparently.
Reviewer Prompt #3 (Part 1) - by Love Psycho - Humor - 1.3K - Ichigo makes a bad decision while in Hueco Mundo and finds himself trapped in the primera's 'pillow palace'.
Reviewer Prompt #3 (Part 2) - by Love Psycho - Humor - 1.5K - Ichigo tries to return to his mission, but Starrk has no intention of letting him leave. Although he doesn't want to fight, either...
Trap - General - 1.6K - One way that the battle with Shunsui could have gone, if the shinigami were just a little better prepared.
Trap (Alternate Ending) - Crack - 1.5K - The trap from chapter 27 takes a very different approach to disabling its target. (aka the one where Starrk is six inches tall)
Life - Drama - Alternate Canon - 2.1K - Betrayed and left to die by Mayuri, Uryu can only pray that his friends will find him in time. Unfortunately, they don't even know he's missing. Fortunately, Starrk is in the area and he is loathe to let anyone die alone.
Memory - Drama - Alternate Canon - 1.8K - Five Years verse. After waking up to a life he thought he'd left behind, Starrk goes looking for his former comrades on the assumption that he can't be the only one. While trying to make sense of memories she should not rightfully have, Harribel is approached by an arrancar who is looking for answers of his own.
Sword - General - Alternate Canon - 1.3K - Turnabout verse. During the zanpakuto rebellion, reports come in about a strange lupine sword spirit who avoids battle. At first it is dismissed as irrelevant...until it accidentally knocks Kenpachi Zaraki through a wall and survives the backlash.
First Impressions - Angst - 0.65K - Starrk's first appearance in Los Noches does not go the way he hoped.
Crime - Procedural Crime/Drama - 2.5K -AU alert! Detective Ichigo Kurosaki and CSI Uryu Ishida look into the mysterious past of their only suspect (Starrk) in a particularly odd case.
History -
Drama - 1.4K - Once upon a time, Starrk was a common hollow in Hueco Mundo, devouring others in an attempt to fill the emptiness inside himself. Once upon a time, he evolved into a Vasto Lorde. (Alphabet Challenge)
Conversations II- Crack - Dialogue!fic - 0.24K - Ulquiorra vs. Starrk. It isn't as intense as you might expect.
Interference - Action - 1K - When contact to Karakura Town is cut off during the Winter War , the humans panic and send in the military. No one was expecting what came next.
Encounter - Humor - 0.6K - Hanataro gets lost in Hueco Mundo and found by...well, probably the best possible arrancar, given the situation.
Infirmary - General - 0.8K - Starrk is rescued/captured after the Karakura Battle and taken to the fourth division for treatment.
Awakening (part 2) - Humor - 0.6K - Shunsui wakes up in Hueco Mundo with a massive hangover and absolutely no idea how he wound up in the primera espada's bedroom. Partner to 'Awakening'.
Child - Drama/Family - 1.7K - Szayel creates a child from arrancar DNA to use as a specimen. To him, it is nothing but an experiment and he assumes Starrk, the unwitting DNA donor, will feel the same way. He is very, VERY wrong.
Hypocrisy - Drama/Angst - 1.0K - In the verse where Starrk is spying on the Karakura crew as a substitute teacher (p.15), his deception comes to an end and he introduces the shinigami to some harsh truths about the organization they serve.
Encounter II - Humor - 0.3K - While the shinigami are in Hueco Mundo, Yachiru gets separated from Zaraki and stumbles into the primera. Starrk is not amused.
Sullen - Humor - 0.8K - Random chance leads the shinigami to Starrk's hiding place during the current arc and they drag him back into the action. Well, they TRY.
Reviewer Prompt #4 - by Ultimate Black Ace - General - 1.0K - In a world where fate has made Starrk a shinigami captain and Shunsui an arrancar, the final battle of the Winter War goes differently. But the more things seem to change, the more they stay the same.
Crate - Humor - 1.7K - Starrk unwisely falls asleep while on a mission for Aizen, and wakes up somewhere entirely unexpected. Namely, Urahara's shop. The exiled shinigami is more than a little surprised to meet him.
Age - General - 1.8K - An alternate take on Starrk's resureccion. What if Lilynette's age was their true age? How would Shunsui and Jushiro deal with a child Coyote Starrk - identical in personality, but different in form?
Deleted Scenes #1 - Humor - 2.1K - Deleted and alternate scenes from 'How Coyote Starrk became a member of the Gotei 13 (On Accident).
Dæmon (Part 2) - Tragedy/Angst - 3.2K - In the world of dæmons, where a human's soul walks by their side in the form of an animal, the Winter War still happens. And someone must lose. (Continuation of chapter 17: Dæmon)
Deleted Scenes #2 - Angst/Adventure - 0.9K - Alternate scene from Turnabout: What if the Winter War HAD occurred before the zanpakuto arc? How, then, would the first encounter between zanpakuto!Starrk and Jushiro change?
Honor - Angst/General - 0.8K - When Shunsui falls from the battlefield, he does not expect to wake up, especially when his opponenet follows him down...fully intending to finish what he started.
Potion - Fantasy AU - 2.0K - Inspired by Hogwarts. Ichigo is a wizard in training who has just botched a spell...and Starrk, his instructor, gets caught in the backlash.
Stray - Fluff - 1.6K - While roaming aimlessly in the human world, Starrk happens to make freinds with a stray dog...who shortly has puppies.
Survivors - Adventure/Horror - 1.0K - Happy Halloween!...Zombies are festive, right?
Interference (Part 2) - Action - 1.1K - Starrk and Jushiro are forced into an uneasy alliance when the final battle of the Winter War is brought to an abrupt halt by a surprising new enemy.
Turn Right - Action/For Want of a Nail - 1.8K - The first encounter between Starrk and Aizen in Hueco Mundo takes a different, violent turn when Aizen makes a crucial miscalculation.

To Be Written (Probably. Maybe.):

Dragons (Temeraire style)
Shinigami Academy; post-cleansing the duo find themselves becoming shinigami and trying to avoid anyone who might recognize them (they're pretending to be amnesiac, but they remember everything)
Shinji confronts Starrk in the substitute teacher!verse, calling him out on being an arrancar

Reviewer Prompts (To Be Written):

Lassitude- Someone comes in to talk to Starrk, they see him snoring and they fall asleep. Someone goes to find them, falls asleep. Repeat until something happens, possibly involving a blowhorn. (prompt by Guest)

Chapters 1, 2, and 3 published
09/05: Chapter 4 published
09/06: Chapter 5 published
09/07: Chapter 6 published
09/09: Chapter 7 published
09/12: Chapter 8 published
09/13: Chapter 9 published
09/14: Chapter 10 published
09/16: Chapter 11 published
09/21: Chapter 12 published
09/25: Chapter 13 published
09/28: Chapter 14 published
09/30: Chapter 1 replaced
10/05: Chapter 15 published
10/12: Chapter 16 published
10/15: Chapter 17 published
10/19: Chapter 18 published
10/28: Chapter 19 published
11/05: Chapter 20 published
12/19: Chapter 21 published
12/24: Chapter 22 published (Merry Christmas!)
01/02: Chapter 23 published (Happy New Year!)
01/07: Chapter 24 published
01/10: Chapter 25 published
01/12: Chapter 26 published
01/19: Chapter 27 published
01/22: Chapter 28 published
01/30: Chapter 29 published
02/14: Chapter 30 published (Happy Valentine's Day!)
02/28: Chapter 31 published
03/15: Chapter 32 published
03/26: Chapter 33 published
05/02: Chapter 34 published
07/18: Chapter 35 published
01/23: Chapter 36 published
01/24: Chapter 37 published
01/25: Chapter 38 published
02/23: Chapter 39 published
03/08: Chapter 40 published
03/23: Chapter 41 published
03/30: Chapter 42 published
04/05: Chapter 43 published
06/16: Chapter 44 published
06/23: Chapter 45 published
07/04: Chapter 46 published
07/06: Chapter 47 published
08/08: Chapter 48 published
08/16: Chapter 49 published
08/30: Chapter 50 published
09/04: Chapter 51 published (Two Year Anniversary!)
10/19: Chapter 52 published
10/31: Chapter 53 published (Happy Halloween!)
11/23: Chapter 54 published
12/25: Chapter 55 published (Merry Christmas!)


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