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Writing Meme: Test
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Experimental Writing Meme (Theme: AU): Testing! Testing!

Concept: So apparently there's this thing called a writing meme that made the rounds of livejournal several years ago. The basic purpose seems to be to break writers' blocks and drum up creative energy through collaboration and conversation...meaning, an author sets the meme, other people make fic suggestions around a specific theme, and the author answers the suggestions with short ficlets and drabbles. It sounds awesome.

So...I'm going to give it a shot. I know I've missed the bandwagon, but sounds fun, and it could help me pull up the inspiration I need to finish my current fics. Since I've never been great with livejournal (honestly, I've spent barely any time on here at all, except when updating my 'Howling at the Moon' main post), I'm taking it slow and doing a trial run before I open any meme to outside suggestions. WIsh me luck!

The theme for this meme is AU and I'll be picking the prompts using a random number generator.


  • One prompting post per person

  • Each prompting post can contain up to three prompts

  • Each prompt should give me a fandom (or character), a theme from the eligible list, and an individual suggestion (can be anything from a sentence of description to a song lyric to a name - whatever you think will tickle my creativity). The suggestion isn't necessary, but it'll make my response more specific.

  • I'll try to answer at least one of your prompts, whichever one calls to me the most, in a drabble.

  • Have fun!

(Since this particular post is an experimental meme, the rules about other people don't apply, but the posts should still be a good example for if you have any questions.)

Eligible Promptors:

  • Just me, for this one. There's a reason it's called an experiment. ;)

Eligible Fandoms and Characters:

  • Bleach (Starrk, Shunsui, Jushiro, Harribel)

  • Avatar: the Last Airbender (Zuko, Toph, Sokka, Iroh)


  • Fusion

  • Crossover

  • X-men AU

  • Furry AU

  • Scifi AU

  • Western AU

  • Supernatural AU

  • Borrower AU

  • High School AU

  • Pirate AU

  • Apocalypse AU

  • Zombies AU

  • Hogwarts AU

  • Fantasy AU

  • Criminal AU

  • Cop AU

  • Shapeshifter AU

  • Stargate AU

  • Animal AU

  • Slave AU

  • Daemon AU

  • Superheroes AU

  • Mad Science AU

  • Wings AU

  • Wonderland Virus AU

Fusion/Crossover Fandoms:

  • Primeval

  • The Avengers

  • The Hobbit

  • Frozen

  • Bleach

  • Hunger Games

  • Avatar: the Last Airbender

  • Pirates of the Caribbean

  • Trigun

  • Yuyu Hakusho

  • Tremors

  • Vampires los Muertos

  • Temeraire

  • Gundam Seed

  • Song of the Lioness/Wild Magic (i.e. Tamora Peirce's Tortall series)

  • Pokemon

  • Sherlock

  • Dragonriders of Pern (i.e. Anne McCafferey's World of Pern)

  • Criminal Minds

  • Stargate SG1

  • Stargate Atlantis

  • Power Rangers

  • Gargoyles

Writing meme is CLOSED.

(...wish me luck!)

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Randomly Generated Prompts #1

Here we go! Random number generator is set and...

Prompt #1: Bleach, Mad Science AU - Aizen is an up and coming mad scientist who discovers a deserted lab, now only inhabited by Starrk: a former specimen abandoned by his creators.
Prompt #2: Avatar, Superhero AU - Zuko struggles to turn his life around after finding out his father is a supervillain
Prompt #3: Avatar, Shapeshifter AU - Ozai rejects his son, believing him to be a human rather than a shifter like the rest of his family; he’s very, very wrong.

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Bleach - Mad Science AU (Prompt #1)

The lost research station was much as Aizen had imagined. It was tucked away on a small island, surrounded by hazardous waters that did more to discourage trespassers than man-made security measures, abandoned to the elements when funding was cut, and absolutely devoid of all signs of life when Aizen finally managed to lay eyes on it. Even the surrounding environment – equal parts hostile dry desert at the center of the island and dangerous sucking swamp on the coasts, with the facility situated on the border – had not dared encroach on the dilapidated metal and concrete of the main building’s façade.

That had not hindered the weather, however. Three layers of ten-foot tall once-electrified chain link fencing had been ripped free by the wind and left lying haphazardly on the ground, leaving only the posts to stand sentinel as Aizen slipped past without interference. The gravel and asphalt walkway was degraded and buried in sucking swamp-sludge from the last coastal flood, but the main stairway had been built to last and as soon as Aizen reached the top of it, he found his next hurdle: electronic security.

The entire facility had once been key-card and retinal-scan locked, as well as having a company of highly-armed guards. The guards were long gone, and Aizen had been expecting the generator to have followed suit, but the steadily glowing green dot on the reader beside the door proved him wrong. It was only a minor obstacle; without any guards to interfere, Aizen could plug his equipment into the panel and take control of the system. It was the work of only a few minutes to connect his system to the lock, and fool it into letting him in.

After plugging in, he took an extra ten minutes to extend his control, and send the same disabling interference to the rest of the locks in the network and the generator. It was likely that the peripheral rooms would not be connected to the central grid, but this should give him easy access to the main offices and labs, which were all he needed. While he had not been able to find a map, he assumed that the written records and free-standing disconnected hard drives containing the long term data he sought could be found in the main laboratory or office space. It couldn’t be that hard to find.

And once he had it, he’d be home free, with enough material to kick start his own project and start his own lab separate from Yamamoto’s iron control. He even had funding sources lines up...perhaps not as legal or benign as Yamamoto’s, but far more lucrative. Sources that did not care how he got his data, just that he generated results.

With an enigmatic smile, Aizen watched the blinking green light on the security pad go dark. Under his hand, the heavy solid steel door screeched and groaned as he pushed it open, protesting the breaking of a seal that had held for two decades.

This would be a walk in the park.

As the generator shut down, all of the security door locks in the facility went dark. Section by section, wave by wave, every corridor and lab, previously dimly lit by the emergency lights and the glowing green ‘active’ security locks, wavered and went out, falling into inky darkness.

On the lowest floor, in one of the deepest labs, an inhuman figure stirred and glowing, slitted grey eyes blinked open. The creature slowly cocked its head to the side, watching as every trace of green light vanished.

Randomly Generated Prompts #2

And again! (I'm going to make five of these posts - we'll see how that shakes out.)

Prompt #1: Bleach, Fantasy AU
Prompt #2: Bleach, Temeraire Fusion - Starrk’s an un-bonded dragon hatchling trying to protect his sister-egg while surviving feral.
Prompt #3: Avatar, Scifi AU - While sneaking around in his scout ship ‘The Blue Spirit’, Zuko discovers the Fire Empire is not as benevolent as he’d thought.

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Bleach Fantasy AU (dragon!Starrk, sorceror!Aizen, knight!Ichigo, etc.) (Prompt #1)


Starrk’s ear twitched at the unexpected sound. A series of muffled mutters and scuffles followed the noise, but he did not react. After five minutes or so, a different voice piped up.

“Ichigo, are you sure this is a good idea?”

“It’s fine – all of Aizen’s monsters are out, remember? Uryu’s distraction worked perfectly.”

“…If they’re all gone, then why do we have to be so quiet?”

“Just in case one or two stuck around, or if they come back too early.”

“If they come-?! Ichigo, we can’t take down all of them on our own!”

“I know that!! We’ll just have to be quick and quiet so that doesn’t happen!”

They were becoming careless as they passed unscathed through the empty winding caverns; not that they weren’t still trying to stay quiet, but certainly not as much as they should have been. Starrk heaved a quiet sigh, resulting in the displacement of a few dozen coins and jewels from the treasury, sending them skittering and clinking over each other and producing quiet echoes of movement through the massive cavern where he lay. He kept his eyes closed.

The intruders instantly stopped.

“What was that?”

“I don’t know…maybe the wind?”

“This far in? If any of them stayed behind-!”

“None of them stayed behind! Don’t you think we’d already know about it, if they had? Nothing’s attacked us, right?”

The girl’s only response was uneasy silence, but Ichigo seemed to take this as confirmation.

“Come on. We’re almost there, and once we have the scepter of Kyoka Suigetsu, Aizen’s powers will be gone. He won’t be able to control the Hogyoku jewel, and without that, he won’t be able to command his monsters. We NEED to do this, Rukia.”

“I know. It’s just…I don’t like it. This is too easy.”

Starrk slitted one glowing blue eye open to glance at the pile of gold and treasure he was curled in and around…and the jeweled staff held upright in the very center where High Sorcerer Aizen had placed it upon his arrival. The jewel at its head pulsed in time with the collar around Starrk’s neck, and the identical accessories adorning the other espada. It was their master’s favorite avenue of control.

Ah, well…that wasn’t something for him to worry about. He was the designated ‘guard dog’, after all, so Aizen’s orders rarely had much to do with him. Most of the time, he simply slept between the cave proper and the rooms containing valuables, and occasionally huffed lazy clouds of smoke at any passers-by who seemed a bit too curious. He had no interest in the typical, folkloric dragon stuff such as kidnapping princesses, burning villages, and fighting knights. Rumors and reputations like those were the reasons his species was all but extinct, after all. He’d much rather snooze in a nice grassy meadow and leave the humans to their own business.

Alas, that was not possible with Aizen in his life, but he still avoided conflict whenever he could. In this case, unfortunately, it sounded like that wouldn’t be the case. (Although he couldn’t think of any weapon two teenagers might possess which would so much as scratch his hide.)

He knew the moment the humans came in to sight of him and the impressive pile of treasure. The soft scuffing of their shoes on the stone floor immediately stopped dead and there were two sharp, shocked intakes of breath.

Reluctantly, the dragon stirred his head and blinked open his eyes, sending a cascade of baubles and coins tumbling down his body like a river of jewel-studded gold.

“A dragon.” Rukia whispered, numbly shocked at the sight of the supposedly extinct behemoth. “Aizen’s got a dragon.”

…Shit.” Ichigo gulped.

Randomly Generated Prompts #3

Once again...

Prompt #1: Bleach, Supernatural AU - Starrk’s an ancient, bored vampire who is so over all these kiddie slayers trying to kill him.
Prompt #2: Avatar, Western AU - Zuko tries to rob a stagecoach to prove his dedication to his father’s villainous cause, and winds up accidentally saving the sheriff (Aang) instead.
Prompt #3: Bleach, Zombies AU - Ichigo survives the zombie apocalypse, and wonders about the effect of the T-virus Urahara gave him.

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Starrk - Vampire AU (Prompt #1)

“You can’t ignore me; I’m a vampire slayer!”

“Mhm.” Starrk really wasn’t listening; he’d long since passed beyond the realm of caring.

“…And you’re just an evil bloodsucker…”

Starrk sighed, staring woefully at his castle in the distance. He’d have to relocate. Again.

“…Are you even listening to me?!”

“No.” He glanced back at the kid in disinterest. Riki, or Renni, or something. Starrk had stopped keeping track after…well, honestly, he’d never paid much attention to their names, but he’d still been forced to listen to upwards of a hundred of them. Although the red hair and extensive tattoos on this one might be memorable. Maybe.

…Then again, last month he’d been attacked by an orange-haired dhampir wielding a kitchen cleaver, and the week before that there was a church-brat dressed all in white who’d spent a good ten minutes preaching before trying to attack. And those were only the most recent in a long line of supremely unimpressive vampire slayers.

“Hey! I’m talking to you!” Oh. He’d forgotten the kid, who was glaring at him indignantly. Whoops.

Starrk gave a half-hearted shrug and yawned, extending needle-sharp fangs in the process. His opponent’s breath caught and the slayer sunk into a fighting position with his ‘weapon’ held out in front of him.

(Starrk used the term ‘weapon’ loosely, in that it was obviously a tool meant to fight. The thing was a rough amalgamation of elastic, metal, and sword-pieces that looked on the verge of breaking every time the boy moved.)

Starrk shot the slayer an unimpressed look and scratched at the scruff on his chin without concern, before stating his decision.

“Whatever. I’m leaving.”

“H-hey! We’re…supposed to fight?” The voice trailed off in genuine confusion as the vampire - First Blood, alpha remnant, terror of the high desert, all around monstrous abomination, Lord and scourge of the bloody emptiness, bloodsucker with the highest number of defeated slayers ever – turned and walked away without a second glance backwards. It was actually kind of insulting. Before that thought could penetrate, the intimidating figure of the master vampire twisted, shrunk, and was gone. Renji lunged forward with a curse as he realized what was happening, but it was too late.

Reduced to his bat form, Starrk had to boost his speed with a touch of blood magic to reach his castle before daybreak. Now that his location had been compromised, he needed to find a new home as soon as possible. He’d endure the daylight hours in the hidden catacombs beneath the castle today and leave as soon as the sun set.

Hopefully, he’d be able to avoid reinforcements – it depended on how much time Renji wasted trying to hunt him on his own until reporting in. He knew from experience that the senior monster hunters of the Van Helsing organization were far more dangerous than any number of kiddie slayers. Dangerous, and memorable enough in personality and ability for him to actually remember their names and appearances.

However, even though Shunsui and Jushiro were unique enough to bring a bit of excitement to his dull eternal existence, he’d still prefer to avoid another painful encounter.

Randomly Generated Prompts #4

One more after this...

Prompt #1: 2, 2 = Avatar, Crossover (w/Tremors...omg...)
Prompt #2: 2, 3 = Avatar, Xmen AU
Prompt #3: 1, 21 = Bleach, Daemon AU

...Seriously? Okay, I'm re-rolling that last one. I've already got an extensive Bleach Daemon AU in progress.

Prompt #3: 1, 13 = Bleach, Hogwarts AU

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Toph vs. Graboids (Prompt #1)

(Reply to Avatar/Tremors crossover prompt)





Toph scowled and, with a sharp stomp, sent a ripple of earth to knock Sokka on his butt. Far, far away from the crazy soldier guy trying to convince them to follow him, and his deathtrap of a metal box on wheels. Zuko and Katara were with her one hundred percent, Aang didn’t seem to care either way (he was too worried about where Appa and Momo had wound up, if his frantic bouncing around was any indication), - and Sokka…

“Aw, c’mon!”

Sokka could not seem to get it through his head that the guy was not going to let him pull apart the mechanical deathtrap and that getting inside with a trigger happy who-knew-what-nation soldier – who wasn’t a bender, but somehow generated explosions with a stick that shot firecrackers (that was the only way she could think of to describe them) that made him equally as dangerous.

Zuko and Katara had taken one look at the stranger and refused to move any closer. Which suited Toph just fine; she had plenty of new rocks and earth to get a feel for and she had no desire to get into that…thing. It was like flying on Appa a few inches above the ground, in a tiny box like the one the bounty hunters caught her in. Two of the absolutely worst things on the planet, in her opinion. What sort of self-respecting earth bender couldn’t just walk for a few miles?


Giant carnivorous snake monsters that lived in the soil and moved through it as easily as if it was water.

Giant. Carnivorous. Earth-bending. Monsters.

They were awesome.

Not as awesome as badgermoles – then again, nothing was – but to touch her feet to the ground and feel their massive powerful bodies undulating through the soil, circling like sharks as they responded to every tiny vibration; was super amazing in a ‘crap-that-thing-wants-to-eat-me (!)’ sort of way. She wished she could get closer to one…but the mangled remains of a komodo-rhino nearby, which one the graboids had taken down but been unable to stomach, was grim enough to stay even her hand. (The graboid had managed to get the rider. Poor bastard had screamed even while he was being eaten underground. Even a rogue Fire Nation traitor didn’t deserve that. She tried not to remember those particular vibrations when she thought about the graboids.)

“For God’s sake” The strange man – Burt Gummer, or so he said, but what sort of name was that? – finally snapped. “Get your heads out of your asses and listen to me!” He ignored a few titters at this choice of words, keeping his attention on Zuko, the oldest of their group, who was stubbornly refusing to budge. “These graboids – these monstersthey want to eat you. You need to come with me if you want to live!”

She felt more than heard Katara’s incredulous raised eyebrow and Zuko’s obstinate frown. Even Sokka, who was still salivating over the machine, took a break to smirk at the guy. They’d beaten the Fire Lord - - how bad could a couple of graboids be?

Besides, Toph’s feet could hear them coming from a mile off, and it would be the work of a toe-twitch knock them away with earthbending.

No, she was much more concerned with crazy-soldier-guy and his weird machines.

As one, the group of teenagers glowered suspiciously at the increasingly frustrated survivalist.

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Randomly Generated Prompts #5

Last one!

Prompt #1: Bleach, Xmen AU - Starrk (a mutant) is imprisoned by human mutant-control-commandoes…next to Shunsui, one of their own that just expressed a mutation.
Prompt #2: Bleach, Stargate AU - The ‘old’ captains (Unohana, Jushiro, Shunsui, etc.) are an SG team who run into an alien monster (Starrk) playing guard-dog for an Ancient laboratory.
Prompt #3: Avatar, Furry AU - Zuko is the only one who can fly with Aang; at first, this is terrifying; later, it’s wonderful.

...And now I've already learned some important things. Such as the fact that this background is majorly bad for your eyes with extended exposure (I will be changing that immediately), and that random number generators can be irritatingly ironic.

Edited at 2014-12-07 06:11 am (UTC)

Starrk+Shunsui X-men AU (Prompt #1) (1/2)

You never realize just how important the simple things are, until they are gone, Shunsui reflected. Things like freedom. And furniture. And a lightswitch.

Yesterday, he’d been perfectly happy with his life despite its flaws, and confident in the benevolence of the organization he served. Now, he was trapped in a small cell with no furnishings, lit from all angles by bright lights. He had to curl up in the corner and bury his face in his arms just to give his eyes some relief – though the lights weren’t that bright, they never went off and the omnipresent stimulus quickly became overbearing. He let out a quiet sigh of annoyance as his sore back muscles protested their fixed position.

“Would you stop sighing? I can hear you from all the way over here.” A familiar voice, though one he had not heard in many hours. The other man sounded bizarrely bored, even though his situation was just as – if not more – hazardous than Shunsui’s own.

Then again, Starrk had furniture, and the only unrelenting light he had to endure was spilling over from Shunsui’s space. The bed in the other cell was just a metal slab with a thin mattress bolted to the frame, but Starrk seemed comfortable enough sprawled out on top of it with an arm thrown over his eyes.

Shunsui tried not to be jealous; the differences in their accommodations were strictly practical. Shunsui had been left devoid of anything that could cast a shadow, in order to neutralize his powers. Starrk’s abilities were of a different nature altogether, so their captors had been content to drive heavy metal poles through the ceiling and walls at odd angles, to disrupt the open space and give him no room to generate his powers. (…Actually, maybe the reason he was laying down and not moving was to avoid banging his head.)

…Because Starrk was a mutant.

…And, apparently, as of this afternoon, so was Shunsui.

The ex-soldier sighed again, reflexively, at the thought and Starrk matched it with a loud grumble paired with a pointed, irritated glare.

“Sorry, sorry…” Shunsui groaned and levered himself to his feet, then stretched his arms and cracked his back. He also reluctantly opened his eyes all the way to allow them to readjust to the glare.

Starrk let out a quiet snort and returned his arm to its position over his eyes.

Once again, Shunsui was struck by just how calm the other man seemed to be. He’d been an absolute demon during their fight - so much so that Shunsui hadn’t even been able to tell what his mutant abilities were until the last minute – he’d thought they might be related to super speed, or telepathy – and the profile he’d received when he was assigned Starrk as a target said nothing about his temperament.

Normally, he wouldn’t care – mutants were only supposed to be relevant until they were neutralized, captured, and turned over to the containment facility and laboratory personnel – but now that he knew he was a mutant, the particulars of having powers and what the containment facility actually did with their prisoners were suddenly much more interesting.

“Do you want something?” Starrk grumbled, not moving his arm. “Or are you just going to stare at me until the light hurts your eyes again?”

Re: Starrk+Shunsui X-men AU (Prompt #1) (2/2)

Shunsui gave a guilty start, realizing he had been staring rudely at the other man, and then chuckled sheepishly.

“You noticed that, hm?”

“The bright lights covering every inch of your cell? Yes.”

“That wasn’t what I meant.”

“I know.” With an irritated groan, Starrk pushed himself into a sitting position on his bed (evading two interference-poles in the process) and turned so he could see Shunsui more clearly. “What do you want?”

“…I don’t rightly know how to put it all into questions.” Shunsui admitted after a moment’s consideration. There was so much he didn’t know that was suddenly vitally important. Where did he even start?

Starrk snorted. “They don’t train you very well here, do they? Let me guess: mutants bad, normals good.”

“I wouldn’t say that’s the extent of it.” Shunsui protested, automatically defending the organization he’d devoted his life to serving. At Starrk’s raised eyebrow, he realized what he’d done, remembered what said organization had done to him, and grimaced. “…Though, considering my current situation, I would say their lessons were insufficient.

“Why do you think I can help? I’ve never seen anything like your powers before.”

“But…you’re a mutant.”

“So? I’m not with Magneto, and definitely not with the Professor’s kids. What makes you think I even know any other mutants?”

“…” As Shunsui’s only available response was ‘because you’re a mutant’, he held his tongue and simply shrugged.

The other man paused, and observed Shunsui critically for a moment, then sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. “Do you even know why they wanted to capture me?”

That was something he did have an answer for.

“You are a dangerous class-C mutant, possibly with mind altering abilities, who frequently uses your mutation on or near humans. Your capture and detainment is necessary to the preservation of public safety.” He recited the information from memory, recalling the exact text of the description in his target’s profile.

The man he’d just described stared at him inscrutably for a long moment, then shook his head and flopped back down on his bed, facing away from his neighbor. Shunsui winced, realizing what he’d said must have come off as offensive. Not to mention, the suggested nature of Starrk’s abilities was completely false.

“I apologize. I suppose that was insensitive.”

“Whatever.” Starrk grunted. “I’m going back to sleep.”

“My questions…?”

Shunsui’s only answer was a low snore.

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